Jesus is King!

Take a look below to see what our Kids Ministry learned this Sunday!

 LESSON 26 | Jesus: the Servant and King

Bible Basis: Matthew 21:1–11; 26:17–29; Mark 11:1–11; 14:12–25; Luke 19:29–42; 22:7–19; John12:12 – 19; 13:1 – 14:31

Bible Verse: Matthew 21:5: “See, your king comes to you. He is gentle and riding on a donkey.”

Bible Point: Jesus was a king, but he was also a servant. God wants me to serve others too.

Resource: The Beginner Bible

“The True King”(pages427–432)

“Washing the Disciples’ Feet” (pages 437 – 441)

“The Last Supper”(pages442–445)

TABLE TALK: Use the Table Talk questions below to start a discussion around the Table at dinner.

Why didn’t Jesus wear a crown like other kings and ride a big horse? (He was a different kind of king. He wanted to show people that it is important to be a servant to God and others.)

Who made the palm branches and the palm trees? (God.)

At the Last Supper, Jesus told the disciples that he was going to heaven. What did he say he would do there? (Prepare a new home for us!)

Who didn’t want Jesus to wash his feet? (Peter.)

Why? (He didn’t want Jesus to serve him.)

See take home sheet for other suggestions


Week 4: Amped: Live Fully Alive – Confidence

Main Verse: ACTS 4:1-22

Life Application: CONFIDENCE – Living like you believe what God says is true

Today’s Key Thought: When Jesus is with you, you can face anything.

Drive Time: While in the car, start a conversation with your preteen by asking the following questions. “What challenges are you facing this week?

Anything you are nervous about? What would trusting that Jesus is with you facing those challenges look like?” Give your preteen some ideas on how to face these challenges by encouraging them to pray, journal, or complete GodTime cards.

Remember this: “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6, NIV

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