A Little Bit of Christmas in May

Take a look below to see what our Kids Ministry learned this Sunday!

LESSON 18 | A Saviour is Born

Bible Basis: Matthew 2:1 – 12; Luke 1:26 – 38; 2:1 – 20, 25 – 38

Bible Verse: Matthew 1:21: “She is going to have a son. You must give him the name Jesus. That is because he will save his people from their sins.”

Bible Point: God sent his Son to save the world. Jesus is my Savior.

Resource: The Beginner Bible

“An Angel Visits Mary” (pages 266 – 270)

“Baby Jesus Is Born” (pages 271 – 276)

“Shepherds Visit” (pages 277 – 281)

“Simeon and Anna Meet Baby Jesus” (pages 282 – 285)

“The Bright Star and Three Visitors” (pages 286 – 290)

TABLE TALK: Use the Table Talk questions below to start a discussion around the Table at dinner.

How do you think Mary felt when the angel appeared to her? (Scared, excited, surprised, etc.)

How do you think Simeon and Anna knew that Jesus was the Savior? (God told them. Simeon and Anna recognized that Jesus was the Savior God had promised to send.)

What was Herod’s trick? Why did he tell the Wise Men he wanted to worship Jesus? (Herod wanted to trick the Wise Men into finding Jesus for him. If Herod had said that he wanted to hurt Jesus, the Wise Men wouldn’t have gone to find Jesus.)

If you could have brought a gift to baby Jesus, what would it have been?

See take home sheet for other suggestions

Week 4: Source Code – Honesty

Main Verse: 1 John 1:9

Life Application: HONESTY- Choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do

Today’s Key Question: What keeps you from being truthful with God?

Bed Time: Has anyone ever lied to you? It hurts when someone doesn’t tell you the truth and then it’s hard to trust that person again. That’s why it’s so important for you to be honest! Are there specific times when you’re tempted to be untruthful? Pray for each other that you would have the courage to always tell the truth.

Remember this: “Anyone who lives without blame walks safely. But anyone who takes a crooked path will get caught.” Proverbs 10:9, NIrV



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