God Gives Good Gifts!

Take a look below to see what our Kids Ministry learned this Sunday!

LESSON 13 | God Gives Good Gifts

Bible Basis: 1 Kings 19:19 – 21; 2 Kings 2:1 – 13; 4:1 – 7, 8 – 17; 5:1 – 15

Bible Verse: James 1:17: “Every good and perfect gift is from God. It comes down from the Father.”

Bible Point: God gives good gifts to his people. I can thank God for every good gift in my life!

Resource: The Beginner Bible

“Chariot of Fire” (pages 216 – 221)

“Jars of Oil” (pages 222 – 225)

“Elisha’s Room” (pages 226 – 229)

“Naaman Is Healed” (pages 230 – 234)

TABLE TALK: Use the Table Talk questions below to start a discussion around the Table at dinner.

What did God give to Elisha? (God gave Elisha power through the Spirit of God.)

What did God give to the poor woman who was running out of money? (God allowed her to have enough oil to pay a debt for her family.)

Elisha stayed at a couple’s home several times. What did they do for Elisha? (They gave Elisha his own room.)

What did God do for Naaman? (He healed Naaman from leprosy.)

See take home sheet for other suggestion

Week 4: Road Trip – Patience

Main Verse: Exodus 32:1-35

Life Application: PATIENCE – Waiting until later for what you want now

Today’s Topic: When you think you can’t wait, think about what’s true.

Ask: What can you think about when it’s hard to wait?

Bed Time: At the heart of Easter is Jesus, God’s Son, who lived on Earth and then chose to give up His life in our place. Because Jesus is alive, it means that everything He said is true. If you’ve made a choice to follow Jesus, pray together and thank God for giving you new life with Him. If you’re still not sure, pray and ask that God would show you the truth of Easter and who Jesus is.

Remember this:“Wait for the Lord. Be strong and don’t lose hope. Wait for the Lord!” Psalm 27:14, NIrV

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