Special Announcement!

We at EGC are hosting our first ever Easter EGG DROP!

Saturday, March 24th from 10:30 to Noon at our Lima campus.

Thousands of colorful fun-filled eggs falling from the sky and awesome games to bless our community.

Mark your calendar and come join the fun!

Take a look below to see what our Kids Ministry learned this Sunday!




LESSON 10 | Listen for God’s Directions

Bible Basis: 1 Samuel 1:1-20; 3:1-21; 8:1-10:27

Bible Verse: Psalm 32:8: “I will guide you and teach you the way you should go. I will give you good advice and watch over you.”

Bible Point: God gave Samuel directions in his time of trouble. When I listen, God gives me directions too.

Resource: The Beginner Bible

“Hannah’s Prayer” (pages 156 – 159)

“A Voice in the Night” (pages 160-163)

“Israel’s First King” (pages 164 – 167)

TABLE TALK: Use the Table Talk questions below to start a discussion around the Table at dinner.

Have you ever ask God to help you out? When?

How do you think God is helping our family?

What is something you want to talk to God about today?

Who was the main character you learned about this week? (Samuel)

See take home sheet for other suggestions





Week 3: Jump Ball – Peace

Main Verse: 1 Samuel 25:1-35

Life Application: PEACE – Proving you care more about each other than winning an argument

Today’s Topic: Prove you care more about others by being part of the solution.

Ask: What are ways you can be a peacemaker?

Drive Time: Make a peace challenge the entire month to not argue in the car with siblings, parents, or friends. As a group, pick a special prize and put it in the car as a reminder to keep the peace. Whoever does the best job keeping peace throughout the month, will win the prize!

Remember this: “So let us do all we can do to live in peace. And let us work hard to build up one another.” Romans 14:19, NIrV

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2 Responses to Special Announcement!

  1. Kristi Torregrossa says:

    So- Giada has a make-up swim lesson 9:30-10…. if we fly as soon as she’s done do you think we can make it in time??

    Kristi Torregrossa


    • Donne Black says:

      I apologize! The event time got moved to 10:30 am and I didn’t update it on the blog. So you should have time. the drop for Santino’s age-group is at 11:15 and Giada’s is soon afterward. you will make it for sure!

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