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Special Article From Pastor Gregs desk

Want more control when you share YouTube Videos?
Do you have a LOVE/HATE relationship with YouTube?

Do you love finding helpful or fun videos on YouTube, but hate the inappropriate suggested videos that often appear at the end of a video? Or stacked on the right side? What’s the answer?

I’m excited to share a very simple solution in today’s post, Worried about YouTube? Finally a SAFE Way to Share Videos!

· Want to share a YouTube video without all of the distracting ads?

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· Want to eliminate the inappropriate videos that bombard anyone and everyone on YouTube?

You’ll be thanking me for this one! Start sharing YouTube videos without worry of exposing your kids (or your friends!) to inappropriate content.
What a relief!

Protect Young Minds is always looking to make your job easier.

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Take a look below to see what our Kids Ministry learned this Sunday!


In the Preschool Classroom: 

LESSON 7 | God Cares for Us

Bible Basis: Exodus 14; 16; 19-20

Bible Verse: 1 Peter 5:7: “Turn all your worries over to him. He cares about you.”

Bible Point: God took care of the Israelites. God loves and cares for us too!

Resource: The Beginner’s Bible

  1. The Red Sea” (pages 111 – 115)
  2. “Food From Heaven” (pages 116 – 119)
  3. “Ten Commandments” (pages 120 – 123)

TABLE TALK: Use the Table Talk questions below to start a discussion around the dinner table, while driving in the car, or just about anywhere.

  1. How did God care for the Israelites on the
way to their new home? (He saved them from
the enemy army at the Red Sea. He gave them food/manna and water in the desert.)
  2. What happened when Moses struck the rock?

(Water came out.)

  1. What did God give Moses on the mountain?

(The Ten Commandments.)

  1. How does God care for you? (He gives me everything I need and helps me.)

LIVING FAITH: Living Faith activity is designed as a drama to help your child remember the Bible lesson.

All three of this week’s stories talk about the Israelites and Moses, and they take place as the people were making their way from Egypt to the new land. Have your child and other family members act out the stories as you read aloud from the Beginner’s Bible. Give the leading role of Moses to your preschooler. Provide props such as a bathrobe and broom for a robe and staff, a blue blanket for the Red Sea, a large chair for the rock, and a tall shelf or the refrigerator for the mountain. You can use cereal flakes for the manna.

When you come to the place(s) in the stories where a Bible character speaks, instruct your child what to say. If possible, have your child perform the Bible drama for other family members in person, via Skype, or using a video camera.

EXTRA MILE: Extra Mile provides interactive ways for your child to connect with the story.

Say the memory verse with your child several times. To help to remember the words, use these actions:

Turn all your worries (Extend arms, palms up)

Over to him. (Raise extended hands over head)

He cares about you. (Hug yourself)

Another way to learn the memory verse is to sing these modified words to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?”

Give your worries, give your worries

Over to him, over to him,

Give your worries to him, give your worries to him

He loves you, he loves you.


In the Grade School classroom:

Hey There Delilah

Kids will learn that who you spend time with matters. Talking to God and following the Holy Spirit helps you to choose good friends and love those who need Jesus to!

IN THE CAR:  Ask your child what happened in class this week on the drive home, here is what they learned:

In the lesson, we talked about Proverbs 12:26 Godly people are careful about the friends they choose.

Here are some questions to process with your child on the ride home:

What do you think a good friend looks like?

How do you like to make friends?

How would you like someone to make friends with you?

What do you think would make a bad friend?

How would you share Jesus’ love with someone who isn’t a good friend?

What do you think is the best way to keep good friends close?


Take your kids out with you as you go with your good friends and model for your kids what good friends look like. Ask your kids what they liked about your friends and talk through why you see them as good godly friends who love you and others.


Ask your child the best and worst of their day, really take the time to listen and enjoy that simple time with them. Encourage and emphasize the great characteristics you see in your children and speak over them the great things you see about their God-given personality as you tell them you love them and tuck them in at night.


What you need to know:

Kids take their lead from you; be the model for them what it looks like to be apart of God’s family and Create healthy boundaries and friendships. Share your stories of how God has taught you to create healthy friendships and authentically love those who don’t know Jesus. Use silly, good, and bad experiences for your children to get a glimpse into your own history. That level of vulnerability with your child may help them to open up to you when they are struggling with a problem or they just want to share special moments with you. With your support, your child will see you are the best person to open up to.

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