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Take a look below to see what our Kids Ministry learned this past Sunday!

In the Lima Campus 34’s and 5K’s classroom and the Henrietta Campus Preschool classroom: LESSON 2 | God Helps Me Obey

Bible Basis: Genesis 6 – 9; 11

Bible Verse: Genesis 7:5: “Noah did everything the Lord commanded him to do.”

Bible Point: God sees when people do wrong. God helps me do what’s right.

Resource: The Beginner’s Bible

Noah’s Ark” (pages 26 – 33)

“Tall Tower” (pages 34 – 38)

TABLE TALK: Use the Table Talk questions below to start a discussion around the Table at dinner.

What did God tell Noah to build? (An ark.)

What is an ark? (A big boat.)

Why did Noah need to build an ark? (People weren’t obeying God, and this made God sad and mad. So God made it rain so much that the earth flooded.)

What did the people build that God didn’t like? (A big tower.)

Why did they stop building the tower? (God confused them by making them speak different languages. When they couldn’t under- stand one another anymore, they couldn’t work together.)

LIVING FAITH: Living Faith activity is designed as a drama to help your child remember the Bible lesson.

Have your child select one of the Bible stories from this week and act it out for you as you read the story aloud from Beginner’s Bible. Provide your child with props such as a toy Noah’s ark (if you have one) and toy animals, or with blocks to build the Tower of Babel. When you come to the place(s) in the story where a Bible character speaks, instruct your child what to say. If possible, have your child perform the Bible drama for other family members in person, via Skype, or using a video camera.

EXTRA MILE: Extra Mile provides interactive ways for your child to connect with the story.

Although God caused everyone to speak a different language while they were building the Tower of Babel, he understood all their languages, just as he understands every language spoken today. Talk with your child about the different languages spoken in the world. There are about seven thousand languages. This is a good time to learn a song or listen to a story spoken in another language. You might pick up some language CDs and with your child learn a few words in a different language.

Some areas of the country might have recently been hit by terrible storms that caused massive flooding. Your family might donate to a relief organization or plan an activity to raise money to donate to an area damaged by a flood.

To remind your child of how God rescued Noah’s family, you can sing two verses of “Rise and Shine,” which your child learned this week. Start from a seated or crouched position, but jump up for the chorus, which is sung after every verse.


Rise and shine (stand and wave hands in a circular motion)

And give God the glory, glory

Rise and shine (stand and wave hands in a circular motion)

And give God the glory, glory

Rise and shine (stand up) And (clap) give God the glory, glory

Children of the Lord (sit down)

In the Lima and Henrietta Grade School classroom: Core truth Series; I’m on Mission!

Kids will learn to look outside of their own needs, recognize the needs of others, and be willing to be used by God to meet those needs. Kids don’t have to wait until they’re “grown up” they have a calling to serve God in practical, powerful, loving ways even as kids.

IN THE CAR: Ask your child what happened in class this week on the drive home, here is what they learned:

In the lesson we talked about Ephesians 2:10 “We are God’s creation. He created us to belong to Christ Jesus. Now we can do good works. Long ago God prepared these works for us to do.”

Here are some questions to process with your child on the ride home:

What are some examples of good works?

What do you think are the Good works God has prepared for you?

So, what is part of your mission? [To do good works that God prepared in advance for you to do.]


Take time as a Family to go on a mission! Let your children choose a safe charity to get involved in.

Run a 5k for the Ugandan water project

As a family serve at homeless shelter

Bless young mom’s considering life or abortion by donating your gently used baby toys to be given as gifts

Find something you as a family could do together to be on a mission


Ask your child the best and worst of their day, really take the time to listen and enjoy that simple time with them. Encourage and emphasize the great characteristics you see in your children and speak over them the great things you see about their God-given personality as you tell them you love them and tuck them in at night.


What you need to know:

Kids take their lead from you; share your story of how God has taught you about the mission He has prepared you for. Use silly, good, and bad experiences for your children to get a glimpse into your own history. That level of vulnerability with your child may help them to open up to you when they are struggling with a problem or they just want to share special moments with you. With your support, your child will see you are the best person to open up to.

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