From Pastor Donne’s Desk

Take a look below to see what our Kids Ministry learned this past Sunday!

In the Lima Campus 34’s and 5K’s classroom and the Henrietta Campus Preschool classroom: LESSON 1 | God’s Good Creation

Bible Basis: Genesis 1 – 3

Bible Verse: Genesis 1:31: “God saw everything he had made. And it was very good.”

Bible Point: Everything God made is good. I am one of God’s creations, and I am good too.

Resource: The Beginner’s Bible

“ The Beginning” (pages 7 – 13)

“Adam and Eve” (pages 14 – 17)

“The Sneaky Snake” (pages 18 – 25)

TABLE TALK: Use the Table Talk questions below to start a discussion around the Table at dinner.

Can you name some of the things God made? 
(Light, sky, sun, moon, stars, fish, plants, animals, people.)

What job did God give Adam? (Name the animals, take care of the garden.)

What rule did God want Adam and Eve to obey? (Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.)

How can you take care of God’s creation? 
(Plant gardens, pick up trash, keep the ocean clean, etc.)

LIVING FAITH: Living Faith activity is designed as a drama to help your child remember the Bible lesson.

Have your child select one of the Bible stories from this week and act it out for you as you read the story aloud from The Beginner’s Bible. Provide your child with props, such as a toy snake (or even a garden hose), to act out the story. Better yet, go outside in your own yard or garden to act out the story surrounded by God’s creation!

When you come to the place(s) in the story where a Bible character speaks, instruct your child what to say. If possible, have your child perform the Bible drama for other family members in person, via Skype, or using a video camera.

EXTRA MILE: Extra Mile provides interactive ways for your child to connect with the story.

Talk about ways your family can care for God’s creation. If you have pets, this is a good way to reinforce the caretaker role. Feeding them, giving them water, walking them—these are all ways we care for pets. If you don’t have pets, your family might help clean up a neighborhood park, donate a tree, contribute to a group that helps endangered animals, or plant flowers in your yard.

You might take your child on a nature walk to observe God’s wonderful creation. Head to a nearby park or arboretum. Point out birds you hear, the different types of trees you see, and the different shapes of leaves you find. If you can’t go for a walk, you might watch an age-appropriate nature show or documentary. Then have a time of prayer and praise God for his wonderful creation.


In the Lima and Henrietta Grade School classroom: Core Truth: God Talks To Me!

Bottom line:

God talks to us! We can learn to listen. We want our children to understand that God talks to them and they can learn to listen to His voice!


IN THE CAR: Ask your child what happened in class this week on the drive home, here is what they learned:

In the Small group, we talked about John 10! Here are some questions to process with your child on the ride home:

Everyone hears God’s voice. What ways have you heard God’s voice?When do you hear God most often?

When do you hear God most often?

Can you share a time where God spoke to you about something?

-When was it?

-How did He say it?

-What did He say?

Affirm your child for listening to God’s voice or encourage them that God is speaking to them and he is excited to hear their thoughts!



Take time as a Family to listen to one another! Play a game of ‘Marko Polo.’ Or, create an obstacle course outside. To help everyone with their listening skills, blindfold the first player and allow them to be directed by Mom or Dad voicing directions to get through safely! You could make a spoof off of the popular t.v. show ‘The Voice.’ Let each family member take turns singing, the sky is the limit to the variation of voices they can use. Le the judges guess the name of the singer before turning around in their chair. Make it fun and remember to listen to your children’s voice!






Ask your child the best and worst of their day, really take the time to listen and enjoy that simple time with them. Encourage and emphasize the great characteristics you see in your children and speak over them the great things you see about their God-given personality as you tell them you love them and tuck them in at night.


What you need to know:

Kids take their lead from you; share your story of how God has taught you to hear His voice. Use silly, good, and bad experiences for your children to get a glimpse into your own history. That level of vulnerability with your child may help them to open up to you when they are struggling with a problem or they just want to share special moments with you. With your support, your child will see you are the best person to open up to.

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