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Take a look below to see what our Kids Ministry learned this past Sunday!

In the Lima Campus 34’s and 5K’s classroom and the Henrietta Campus Preschool classroom: LESSON 20 | Big and Small Miracles



Bible Basis: Matthew 5:1–12; 6:9–13, 25–34; 8:5–13; Luke 6:17–23; 11:1–4; 12:22–31; John 2:1–11.

Bible Verse: Luke 19:37: “There the whole crowd of disciples began to praise God . . . for all the miracles they had seen.”

Bible Point: Jesus made miracles happen when he walked on this earth. Today Jesus can make miracles happen for us too.

Resource: The Beginner’s Bible

“Jesus’ First Miracle” (pages314–317)

“Jesus Teaches on a Mountain” (pages 318 – 321)

“The Lord’s Prayer” (page 323)

“A Captain’s Faith” (pages324–327)

TABLE TALK: Use the Table Talk questions below to start a discussion around the Table at dinner.

  1. What is a miracle? (An amazing thing that only God can do.)
  2. Can just anyone make a miracle happen? 
  3. Can you name a miracle that Jesus did in the stories you heard this week? (He turned water into wine; he healed the captain’s servant.)
  4. What kinds of miracles does God do for us every day? (He has made us better when we’ve been sick; he feeds all the people and animals on earth; he makes trees and plants grow.)

children-runningLIVING FAITH: Living Faith activity is designed as a drama to help your child remember the Bible lesson.

Have your child select one of the Bible stories from this week and act it out for you as you read the story aloud from The Beginner’s Bible. The story “A Captain’s Faith” will be a fun story to act out. Your child will enjoy pretending to be the sick servant lying on the couch, and you can pretend to be the worried captain who seeks help from Jesus. 
 When you come to the place(s) in the story where a Bible character speaks, instruct your child what to say. If possible, have your child perform the Bible drama for other family members in person, via Skype, or using a video camera.

EXTRA MILE: Extra Mile provides interactive ways for your child to connect with the story.

This week, begin helping your child memorize the Lord’s Prayer, which was in this lesson:

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from the evil one. Amen.

During this week’s lesson, your child learned how God miraculously provides food for all the animals and people on earth. This is a good opportunity to discuss with your child how God often uses people to help him provide this miracle to other people. You could explain how a food bank operates. Then, as a family, gather items to donate to a local food bank. When you deliver the items, explain to your child how your family, including your child, is helping God provide food for others.



In the Lima and Henrietta Grade School classroom: Survivor: Start a fire.

Today we learned that in the wild, survival is dependent on fire to cook your food and keep you warm. In the kingdom, God is the fire that makes us thrive.


IN THE CAR: Ask your child what they learned about this week on the drive home, here is what they learned:

In the lesson, we talked about 1 Corinthians 6:11! Here are some questions to process with your child on the ride home:

  1. If you are out in the wilderness, do you think you have a bigger chance to thrive if you have a fire to keep you warm and help you see at night, clean your water and cook your food?
  2. Do you think you could thrive without that fire?
  3. Would you use that fire every day?
  4. In the kingdom of God, what do you think the fire is?
  5. How do you think you can use the fire of the Holy Spirit every day?


campfireHANGING OUT:

As a survivor, we need the fire every day to thrive in the wilderness. And as people who love Jesus, we need the fire of the Holy Spirit in our lives every single day! Ask you child ‘How do you think you can use the fire of the Holy Spirit every day?’ listen to their answers and spend time together regularly as a family to study the Bible together and/or pray. Encourage your children to pray out loud for the Holy Spirit to be apart of their daily lives and to have open ears to hear him and open hearts to obey.



God designed all of us to need one another. Create opportunities at the dinner table:

As your children pray out loud over their meal encourage your child to also pray for the Holy Spirit to be apart of their daily lives and to have open ears to hear him and open hearts to obey.



Quiz your child on this week’s memory verse:

Psalm 29:11 ‘The Lord gives Strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace’

psalm_29_11imagePARENT TIME:

What you need to know:

Kids take their lead from you; share stories of how The Holy Spirit used you and even of time you felt the fire in you feel a little damp. Your stories are very effective in influencing your children. That level of vulnerability with your child may help them to open up to you when they are struggling with a problem.

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