From Pastor Donne’s Desk: Advent!





christmas-announcment12/18 Sweater day: If you have a Christmas Sweater from Aunt Fanny who pinches your cheek, an ugly sweater, an itchy sweater or a blue sweater; we will be celebrating Christmas and the cold by wearing our sweaters Sunday, December 18th! Please join us in the fun!

12/24 Christmas Eve: The Children’s Ministry has been special requested to join in the Christmas Eve Festivities! This song, as well as the song we are singing for advent, will be the songs we will be singing on Christmas Eve. If you have any questions or concerns or want to volunteer to help let Pastor Donne know!

1/8 Pie Day: The Grade School Class, until January 8th, has been challenged to bring their Bibles consistently to church. If the kids accomplish this task and bring their Bibles for a total of 144 times, their name will be placed in a drawing to have the opportunity to PIE some of their faithful teachers and Pastor Donne in the face! Here are more details! This is all a chance to partner with you as you encourage your children to build a good habit of bringing and using their Bibles in their daily lives. Contact Pastor Donne if:

  1. You want to join in being ‘pie’d’ on January 8th
  2. You want more information.


beginner-bible-david-and-goliathIn the Lima Campus 34’s and 5K’s classroom and the Henrietta Campus Preschool classroom: LESSON 10 | Listen for God’s Direction

Bible Basis: 1 Samuel 15:1 – 17:51; 18:1 – 20:42; 2 Samuel 1:1 – 2:4; 1 Kings 2:1 – 3; Psalm 23:1 – 6

Bible Verse: 1 Samuel 16:7b: “Man looks at how someone appears on the outside. But I look at what is in the heart.”

Bible Point: David had a heart for God. I can have a heart for God, too.

Resource: The Beginner’s Bible

“A Good Heart” (pages 168 – 172)

“David and Goliath” (pages 173 – 180)

“Best Friends”(pages181–185)

“King David” (pages 186 – 189)

“The Lord Is My Shepherd” (pages 190 – 193)

TABLE TALK: Use the Table Talk questions below to start a discussion around the Table at dinner.

  1. God saw that David had a good heart. What do you think God sees in your heart?
  2. Why did people think that David wouldn’t be able to defeat Goliath? (David was small, and Goliath was big. David only had a slingshot and stones and no armor.)
  3. What kinds of “big” things can you ask for God’s help with? (Doing the right thing when other people aren’t, being a good example to a younger sibling or friend, telling someone about Jesus, etc.)
  4. If you had a king, like Saul or David, here on earth, what would you want him to be like?
  5. How can you show people that you have love in your heart for them? (Hug them, be nice to them, do something thoughtful for them, etc.)

LIVING FAITH: Living Faith activity is designed as a drama to help your child remember the Bible lesson.

Have your child select one of the Bible stories from this week and act it out for you as you read the story aloud from e Beginner’s Bible. The story of David is a fun one to act out in the bathtub. Use plastic figures for the different characters. You can use a measuring cup or small container to pour “oil” over David’s head. Simulate slinging a rock at Goliath by using a spray bottle or even a squirt of shaving cream.

When you come to the place(s) in the story where a Bible character speaks, instruct your child what to say. If possible (and if the acting doesn’t take place in the bathtub), have your child perform the Bible drama for other family members in person, via Skype, or using a video camera.

EXTRA MILE: Extra Mile provides interactive ways for your child to connect with the story.

Your child is learning that people see what is on the outside, but God looks at a person’s heart. Give your child a mirror and a cutout of a heart to hold. Describe a trait about a person, such as “Miranda has a pretty dress” or “Miss Kristin is helpful.” Tell your child to hold up the mirror if what you say describes something on the outside that we can see. Tell your child to hold up the heart if what you say describes something on the inside, in a person’s heart, that we can’t really see. Repeat with several different examples.

Make a large cutout heart from construction paper. Ask your child about what’s in his or her heart. Add words, pictures, photos, and magazine cutouts to the heart to show what’s important to your child. It’s okay to have less serious items, like pizza!

Count out ten cotton balls with your child. Tell your child to be the shepherd and these are the sheep. Send the shepherd into the other room to get some water for the sheep. While your child is out of the room, quickly hide the ten cotton balls in different places around the room. When your child returns, say, “Oh, no! the sheep have all wandered off! It’s the shepherd’s job too and all ten and brings them back here for their water.” Your child will enjoy searching for the cotton balls and counting to see if all ten sheep have been found.

Make a musical instrument with your child to use in playing songs of praise. You can use recyclable objects around your home. For example, you can make a “guitar” by wrapping several rubber bands around a plastic tray from a frozen meal (or a similar container). Put on some praise music and let your child play along.


joy-christmasIn the Lima and Henrietta Grade School classroom: Advent: Joy!

We as a class joined with the preschool class in presenting advent!

The theme: Joy

What we learned in class: Joy comes when we keep Jesus at the center of our homes, like the Christmas tree!

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