From Pastor Donne’s Desk

Take a look below to see what our Kids Ministry is teaching this week!

Jungle_Unit_6_art_157x157In the Lima Campus 34’s classroom: I Love To Share- Elisha Shares

Talk About It: God wants us to share with others so everyone will have enough.

Bible Connection: Share with him some of the bounty with which the Lord your God has blessed you. Deuteronomy 15:14 NLT

Challenge for families: Pray with your child about the importance of sharing with others. Ask God to create in your child the desire for sharing so that others have enough. 
Ask your child to think of some way your family can practice the act of sharing. Remind your child, often, that God wants us to share with others so everyone will have enough.

In the Lima Campus 5K’s classroom and the Henrietta Campus Preschool classroom: I Will Follow Jesus- Jesus Loves the little children

the_ark-unit6_157x157Talk About It: Even little kids can follow Jesus, like the disciples, because He loves them too!

Bible Connection: “I follow the example of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11:1 NIV

Challenge for Families: As often as you tell your child how much you love them, make it a daily habit to tell your child that Jesus loves them too. Take the opputunity to pray often with your child and thank Jesus for loving them so much. Sing the song “Jesus Loves Me” if you know it. Ask your child how they know how you love them, use their examples to help them see how God cares for us in much the same way!


Memory Verse-blog pic 1 In the Grade School classrooms: There’s a Verse for That: Jump for Joy!- Happiness is fleeting, but joy is something that can’t be erased by circumstances. Because of Jesus we can have joy anytime, anywhere!

Main Point: Kids will learn they can praise God any time and anywhere. We can have joy any time, anywhere, regardless of what life may bring

Memory verse: ‘Your word is a lamp for my feet, and a light on my path.’ -Psalms 119:105 

New Song: Check out the newest song in our class, lead by Pastor Greg and myself!

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