From Pastor Greg’s Desk

Is your child going to Camp Judah’s epic Junior Camp (for kids ages 8-12)? If so, please bring your child’s completed Camp Judah application, medical form, and payment to EGC by this Sunday, July 26th.

New to Camp Judah? Check out their website at to learn more. Questions? Contact Pastor Greg Falco at

Take a look below to see what our Kids Ministry is teaching this week!

In the Preschool classrooms: The Bible Is True—A Hand Writes on the Wall

Talk About It: A hand appearing out of nowhere writing messages seems like make-believe, but when it’s in the Bible, you can trust that it’s true.

Bible Connection: “For the word of the Lord is right and true.” Psalm 33:4

Challenge for families: Read about Elisha’s miracles from 2 Kings 2 through 2 Kings 13. The final one that occurred after his death is probably the most stunning (see 2 Kings 13:21).

In the Grade School classrooms: God’s House—The Living Room

This week’s main point: God wants us to be His friends.

Memory verse: “I have called you friends for I have told you everything I have heard from my father.” John 15:15

Challenge for kids: Spend time this week setting aside time to tell God about your day and listening to what He wants to say to you.

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