Obedience & Sharing Jesus

Look below to see what our Kids Ministry is teaching this week!

In the 34’s classroom: Abraham Obeys

Talk About It: We can obey because we can trust that God always takes care of us.

Bible Connection:  “You will be blessed if you obey the commands of the Lord your God…” Deuteronomy 11:27

Challenge for families:  Have you ever moved or changed jobs? Show your child some old pictures. Or the next time you are out with your child running errands, drive by your old house/work and tell your child about how exciting and scary it was to make that change in your life. Remind them about the story of Abraham, and how he trusted and obeyed God. God told him to move, he did, and God blessed him with land, animals, and great wealth.

In the 5K’s classroom: Peter and John

Talk About It: When we tell others about Jesus, God’s power will be with us.

Memory Verse: “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” Mark 16:15

Challenge for families:  We can show people that Jesus loves them by simply noticing them. Take some time out of your schedule to do something kind for another person, and taking your child with you will make a life-long impact on them and the person you visit.

In the Grade School classroom: Obey Right Away

This week’s main point: I obey right away

Memory Verse: “Instead, blessed are those who hear God’s word and obey it.” Luke 11:28

Challenge for kids: When faced with the option of obeying or disobeying, think about who will be blessed when you obey.

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