Time Travelers Wk. 3

Time_Travelers_-_Artwork“Just one more episode and then I’ll be done…” Have you ever found yourself saying this or thinking it? I know there have been times in my life where I have said it several times in the same day! Media is designed to keep you engaged, it can be like being under a spell or enchanted. You may have to fight hard to stick to God’s best for you.

This week we will be talking about how we must seek God for His blueprints for our life. He may not give every kid in every family the same blueprints, plans, or boundaries for media. We each need to follow God’s lead and follow our parents’ rules.

The Point
ON is not the only choice we’ve got. Choose OFF!

Exodus 23:2 NLT “You must not follow the crowd in doing wrong…”

What do you need to turn off this week?


Time Travelers material from Lifechurch.tv. 
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1 Response to Time Travelers Wk. 3

  1. Finley, Joshua says:

    Looks good! Boys are really enjoying the series & videos.

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