Announcing… The Great Pumpkin Party

Pipeline GPPFor the past 22 years the Children’s Ministry has been hosting an event for our EGC families and community to provide a safe alternative to trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Since Pastor Seth trained me on how to run this amazing night 5 years ago, I have been asking myself and our team a few questions, the foremost being, “What can we do to get the word out in our community and see this more as an outreach opportunity for families that wouldn’t normal come to a church?”

In the past few years we have changed different aspects of the event, such as getting more promotion in local schools, bigger attractions such as a sanctuary full of bounce houses, great prizes like passes to area theme parks, etc. We have seen a slight increase of community attendance but it is still overwhelmingly EGC-ers. (I love our EGC family but this event could be so much more).

After discussing this question with our Strategic team and getting ourselves more “others focused” we have decided to make a few changes to our traditional party.

We are changing the name to The Great Pumpkin Party. Especially for the non-churched family this name takes away the confusion on what our event is and when it is held.

We will no longer have a specific theme. Because many families outside our church don’t get the benefit of knowing the theme or being aware of how the costume contest works, we are going to stop having a specific theme. However, for those of you who love to make your kids’ costumes, we WILL still have a prize for best homemade costume for an individual and a family group.

We are working on getting local schools involved with the event. If we can host some type of contest or competition between the local schools in our community, how much more could our LOVE ATTACK impact those families and their friends? I don’t know the answer to that specifically but I do know it will be pretty spectacular! I can’t give you any details at this time but I can say that we are looking into hosting a competition with a large monetary prize to the winning school. We’re looking into doing something along the lines of a pumpkin launch competition or a jack-o-lantern contest with the prize going to the tech or art department of that school.

The heart of this event is 2-fold, to bless our families with young children and even more so is a chance for us to share the love we have in Christ with our community. All this to say, we are very excited to see how we can bring the transformational love of Christ to our community.

I challenge you to get involved with this Love Attack in at least one of the following ways.
1. Drop off candy we can use to hand out to the kids. Bins will be available throughout the month of October in the main lobby and in the kids lobby. (We cannot use open packages or non-bagged candy even if it’s individually wrapped, baked goods, or old candy)
2. Spread the word to your family, friends and coworkers.
3. Get your Group involved with decorating, set-up, or serving the night of.

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