Move Up Sunday

We are coming close to that special time of year when we get to walk with a few different age groups as they transition into the next stage of their education as well as their discipleship. If you have a child going into the 1st grade this year or making the leap into 6th grade, below is some great information on what will be happening as we start the school year.

For our 1st graders:

Passing-the-TorchComing up on Sunday, August 25 our new 1st graders will be invited to join us in the grade school room and be officially inducted into “the big kid class.” Parents, you and your new first grader are welcome to join us in either service for Move Up Sunday. We will be hosting a special Sunday including a tour of the grade school ministry and a torch ceremony  to welcome and celebrate our new friends.

To help ease the transition we will be having the new 1st graders take field trips in the coming Sundays during their regular time in the 5s/K room. They’ll get a chance to experience our worship for 1-2 songs to help them get familiar with the room and the environment.

For our 6th graders:

Pastor Dan and I will be hosting a parent meeting at OutBreak on Sunday August 25 to explain the transition options we have for your 6th graders. We will be sending you more information on the details but I can tell you we will be having a boys and a girls (separate) Middle School Cadre available and options on when they can transition into the Youth Ministry.  Please plan on joining us in the Youth Room Sunday evening.

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