Your Feelings and What God Says About Them

Sometimes as adults it’s hard for us to relate to what our kids are going through and how to manage the emotions that come with everyday life. EGC member Julie Chapus has written a great book on how to deal with different emotions your kids face in a godly and biblical way. Check out what she has to say:

Your Feelings

Nearly every day seems to bring another news story about the myriad problems faced by America’s children: bullying, school shootings, teen suicides, childhood depression, and countless more. Finally, there is a book that can help our children cope with these difficult issues.
Your Feelings and What God Says About Them is an A-Z guide to dealing with the many troubling emotions children struggle with, including anger, bullying, jealousy, depression, rejection, and stress, just to name a few. Aimed at readers roughly nine years old and up, the book offers concrete suggestions that children can use to process and handle their feelings in a constructive, godly way.
The book is organized thematically and alphabetically, allowing the reader to easily find the particular emotion or problem that he or she is struggling with. Each chapter contains a description of the problem, together with clear and concise steps for dealing with it in a positive way.
Your Feelings and What God Says About Them presents difficult topics and emotions in a way that a child can understand, without minimizing the complexity or seriousness of the issues involved. It offers a message of God’s love for all His children that is sorely needed in today’s world.

For more or to purchase Julie’s book, Your Feelings and What God Says About Them, check it out on Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

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