Courageous Sacrifice

SideKickinIt_WebHeaderCourage isn’t an event. We can spend our whole life as a courageous adventure. When we choose to boldly take action, endure and obey through hardships, and pray with confidence, those are only the first steps toward getting even more courage. As we trust God and rely on His strength, He will continue to ask more of us. When we choose to give our whole life over to Him, He will lead us to make even greater sacrifices that take courage only He can give. Jesus lived His life this way. Day by day he courageously lived the way God led Him to. Finally, He gave His life in a final demonstration of his love for us. He gave it all. When we choose to follow Jesus, He will ask for all of us in return. Making a trust decision to trust God with our whole lives takes courage, but it is only the beginning of a faith-filled walk with Christ.


Big thank you to for their material and graphic for “Side Kickin’ It.” 
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