Camp Judah Registrations

Camp JudahHave you filled out your Camp Judah registration for your 8-12 year old yet? To get the early bird rate of $169, registrations, health forms and monies are due June 2nd.  We will have a table in the Kids Lobby starting this Sunday (May 26) for you to turn in your forms. Camp Judah is June 30-July 5.

Please remember that we can NOT accept your registration if the health form has not been signed by your child’s physician.  Many people get stopped by this ever year so make an appointment ASAP.

If you do not have the registration form yet, you can pick one up in the Kids Lobby this Sunday or print one off by going to Camp Judah’s website. | CLICK HERE | But make sure you schedule a doctors appointment as soon as you can.

If your child raised money through the Pancake Breakfast, we will be emailing your remaining balance within the next week.

NOTE: Because the Golf Tournament was cancelled there is not a blanket discount for all campers. However, if finances is a hindrance please let us know. We would hate for your child to miss out on camp because of something as simple as lack of funds.

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