Steadfast Courage

SideKickinIt_WebHeaderCould you say that you’re leading a LIFESTYLE of godly courage? Courage is easy at the beginning when you first start and you’re sure you’re doing what God wants. Courage is even easy towards the end when you see signs that you’re almost done. But courage is very hard for the times that you stick to it and don’t see any progress. It may seem like courage is a one-time act but sometimes it takes more courage to continue to do what’s right day after day. Most opportunities for everyday courage aren’t flashy one-time events, they’re steadfast obedience to what we know is right.

Think about Noah. God called him to build a boat because it was going to rain so hard that the land would be flooded and everything would die. An event that no one before or since has ever seen. I can’t imagine the ridicule that Noah received from the people around who were all described as wicked, ungodly people. He was preparing for an event no one had ever experienced. Plus he had several decades to think about God’s instructions. I don’t know about you, but I tend to start doubting God’s voice within the year, let alone several decades!

Noah is a picture to us of ongoing courage and faithfulness to do what is right. When it comes to following God, courage does not equal understanding, but rather acting on His instruction.


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