Words From Webster

Words from WebsterThis weekend we will be having a special interview with Officer Mark Reed who was one of the first responders to the Christmas Eve shooting in Webster. Officer Reed will be sharing with us how his relationship with God has carried him through this situation and its aftermath.

I want to encourage all parents with elementary aged kids to consider bringing them in the main service to hear what Officer Reed has to say. So often we are bombarded with the horrible events that we hear about on the news but rarely do we get a chance to hear how God is present in the lives of those involved. What a great opportunity for our young people to hear about the faithfulness of God in national events.

I can assure you that Officer Reed is NOT going to share in detail what went on that day, but will be sharing how God has revealed Himself to him in his daily job as an officer, in his family life and in the recovery he has walked through the past few months. 

Jonathan Stills, American Idol contestant, will also be performing a special song in honor of our local service men and women. 


We will still have our grade school class open if you prefer but I would like to highly encourage all parents to bring their elementary aged children into the main service.

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