Is Jesus Really…

Is Jesus Really...Have you ever struggled with questions like, “Is Jesus real?” “Is Jesus really God?” “Is Jesus really with me?” Or “Is Jesus really alive?” This month in Kidz Express we are going to be taking a good look at this man named Jesus and answering a few questions many children, and adults struggle with.

In our first week we will be answering the question, “Is Jesus Really… Real?” I believe to answer this question we have to first define what is faith. I heard it described very well. Faith is not hoping in any whimsical thing, but hoping in something you are sure is going to happen. mailboxLike waiting for a birthday card from your grandma. You know that some time near your birthday you will receive that oh-so-precious envelope and inside is the thing we all love getting on our birthday; CASH. Once you lower the door to your mailbox and see that colorful, greeting card shaped envelope you know that in moments (or longer depending on your level of patience) you will tear open the paper – read the card respectfully so you don’t seem too greedy – and then pocket that crisp bill of whatever denomination your grandmother is in habit of giving.

Is Jesus Really RealJust as many of us are certain that every year we have an experience like this one, we have faith in a God that is faithful to reveal Himself to us. Our hope is not in a whimsical fairy tale  but in a living, loving, omnipotent God who takes joy in being apart of our lives.

To help us we will be looking at Romans 1:20 and 1 Corinthians 13:12 and talking about how we can be certain of Jesus’s presence in our lives even though most of us have never seen Him.

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