Kids REACH Hoogle Boogle

EGC Parents-

Kids ReachThis weekend marks the end of our Kids REACH series and tomorrow morning and evening are the last chances for your kids to turn in their Great Commission memory verse. (Matt. 28:18-20). We will actually be extending our bottle and can drive so please continue collecting and spreading the word. To date we are just shy of the quarter mark in our bottle/can drive. 

The Hoogle Boogle Express Test is a game show that we do at the end of every series to review what we have learned. Below are several question your children should be able to answer. If they missed a week… No Worries! We have a review time in our small groups before we play.

1. What is the name of our series? (Kids REACH)
2. What are the 3 challenges we’ve asked all the kids to do? (collect bottles/cans, memorize the great commission, invite a friend to church)
3. What is the REACH Project? (We’re building a new church in Henrietta so more people can hear about Jesus)
4. We learned about 4 friends that did whatever it took to get their friend to Jesus. What was wrong with the friend? (Paralyzed) How did they get him to Jesus? (through the roof).
5. What was the first thing Jesus said to the paralyzed man? (Your sins are forgiven) What was the 2nd thing? (get up and walk)
6. In the Parable of the lost sheep, how many sheep did the shepherd have? (100)
7. What did the shepherd do when he found out his sheep was lost? (looked until he found it)
8. What do these 2 stories tell us about how God feels about us? (He did whatever it took to find us, forgive us, and heal us)
9. We talked about the A-B-Cs of salvation, or starting a right relationship with God, what does A stand for? (Admit our sins)
10. What does B stand for? (Believe that Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins)
11. What does the C stand for? (Confess that Jesus is the leader of our lives).

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