As our church continues to learn and get more involved with the REACH Project, the Children’s Ministry is doing the same. Over the next 4 weeks we are going to be learning about how we can do Whatever It Takes to REACH our friends and communities with the love of Jesus. We will be diving into 4 different passages that talk about what it means to do whatever it takes. Whether it’s like the 4 men that lowered their friend through the roof, the parables of the lost sheep or the lost coin, the Great Commission or the woman who gave all she had, we too can play a part in this great mission to REACH others.

I would like to ask all our EGC parents to partner with me in accomplishing 3 big goals during this time:

  1. We would consider it a big WIN if we could get all the kid’s in church to memorize the Great Commission!
  2. For each child to invite one or more friends between now and Easter.
  3. Partner with us in a Bottle Drive to raising $1,000 for the REACH Project. Our goal is to collect 20,000 bottles over the next 4 weeks. You can:
    • Collect bottles and cans at home and from family & friends (ESPECIALLY WITH THE SUPER BOWL THIS WEEK!)
    • Collect bottles and cans at your work or office.
    • Visit local businesses and ask if they will donate their redeemable recyclables.

Together we can reinforce the truth that you’re never too small or too young to have a big impact for the Kingdom of God.

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