Hoogle Boogle 1/27/13

Picture8We have come to the end of our series, “Prayer Is Planting” and it is now time for Hoogle Boogle. The Hoogle Boogle Express Test is a game show that we do at the end of every series to review what we have learned. Below are several question your children should be able to answer. If they missed a week… No Worries! We have a review time in our small groups before we play.

Besides being able to answer the below questions, a few things we would consider a WIN for this series are: If your child has increased in their quantity or quality of prayer time, if they tried fasting something – even if they didn’t do so well,  if they have found a God Spot somewhere in your home, if they have started using the “Express Worship” CD.

1. What is the name of our series? (Prayer Is Planting)
2. How have we defined “prayer?” (talking and listening to God)
3. How have we defined “fasting?” (giving up something you want to spend that time with God)
4. What are 3 different ways to fast? (certain types of food, all food, TV/movies, video games, toys, time with friends)
5. What are 3 different reasons God asks us to fast? (to seek Him, to ask for help with something, to pray for healing for someone who is sick)
6. In our series Prayer Is Planting – what does the seed represent – CLUE: it rhymes with seed? (a need)
7. What is a God Spot? (a place where you spend regular time with God)
8. Finish this sentence, “My prayers are _________, they bring new ______ to people, _________, and God’s promises!” (powerful, life, problems)
9. As we’re becoming good gardeners, cleaning the soil is like doing what in our relationship with God? (fasting)
10. Watering our seed-need is like doing what in our relationship with God? (prayer)
11. If fasting is like cleaning the soil and prayer is like watering, what is like being thankful and praising God? (weeding)
12. Fertilizer makes plants grow strong and quick – what can we add to our lives to help us grow strong in our hearts? (scripture, reading the Bible)

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