Becoming A Good Gardener


Yesterday’s services marked the last lesson from our Prayer Is Planting series. Last week we talked about how the needs we have are like seeds that we can plant into God’s heart. And this week we learned 4 different ways we can become good gardener – or how we can keep a guard on our lives as we seek God for the needs we have.

  1. Cleaning the soil. Just like tending to the soil – removing debris, thorns, garbage, etc. – fasting is a way that we can remove distractions from our lives to help us focus on God as we seek Him for different needs we have. 
  2. Watering. Every living thing needs water.  In the same we we can soak our needs in confident prayer. 
  3. Weeding. Many different things can spring up in a garden and not all of them are what you want. Just like pulling weeds we can remove weeds of worry, fear, doubt, anger, etc. by living a life of gratitude and praising God even in the tough situation.
  4. Fertilizer. All plants need food and in the same way we do not live by bread alone, but by every Word from the Father. The more we add scripture to our lives the more it will help us grow in maturity above the ground and strength below the ground – with our roots in a firm foundation.

We also have been encouraging all the kids to find a God Spot in their home where they can spend time with God: talking and listening to Him, reading their Bible, journaling or listening to worship music. To help equip them for this, we gave all the kids that came yesterday a CD with 13 of the worship songs they are familiar with from Kidz Express. I would encourage you to help them set up a CD player in their God Spot, help them download it to their iPod or mp3 and even bring it along in the car while you’re running errands  (If they missed Kidz Express yesterday, we have extras you can pick up next week.)

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2 Responses to Becoming A Good Gardener

  1. Stephanie K. says:

    My kids are so happy they will be able to get a copy of the CD next week since we weren’t able to make it to church yesterday. Thank you!

  2. helpfulmom says:

    My girls are so excited that they have the CDs, they have been asking us to download all the songs they sing for church every week but we haven’t know what to download. Yay! Problem solved!

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