Planting Our Prayers


This week in Kidz Express we are going to be planting our prayers… literally! As we continue to learn about prayer and fasting, we are going to plant bean seeds after we write our prayers on them.

When I was younger I always found it funny that Jesus asked the blind men what they wanted him to do for them. Isn’t it obvious, I thought? But I learned later in life that, “we have not because we ask not.” Of course God knows what our needs are, but faith is released when we ask Him for specifics and it even helps clarify in our own minds what we want Him to do for us. How many times have you wished for change or breakthrough in an area but never really brought it before God in your prayer life? I know that I still forget this lesson at times. But when we finally come to Him in prayer, we plant our needs into His heart and we act on 2 promises that He has given us:

  1. When I seek Him, I find Him.
  2. When I make my requests known to God He gives me peace.

Our prayers are powerful – they bring new life to people, problems and God’s promises!

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