Back to School After Sandy Hook

Pray-for-NewtownSo many of us were shaken by the events in Newtown, CT a few weeks ago, especially those who have school aged children. Every time we see this type of thing come across the news feed it is difficult to bear, but when it is young children it makes it that much more horrific.

As I have prayed for many of the kids in church the past few weeks and heard parents ask how they send their kids to school, the one thing God keeps speaking to me in this situation is His peace. We may never be able to explain how sin takes someone this far down a dark path or get a satisfying answer to the question, “Why,” but we can be sure of God’s peace.

Jesus says to us in John 14 that He gives us a peace that He will never take back. His peace is a constant in our lives and especially in times like this His peace is ready to be embraced by our broken, hurting and anxious hearts. He says to us not to be troubled or afraid because He will be with us wherever we go.

I’m not sure if these words will take the sting out of sending your kids back to school this week, but I do know that one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the understanding that we can trust God no matter what – God Is Trustworthy. Whether internal or external, failure or victory, transgressions against us or our transgressions, He is faithful to walk with us, comfort us, and remind us of His peace so that we can bring our loving, trustworthy God to a hurting world.

For more check out “How Do I Send My Kids To School on Monday” by Sam Luce
or “How Does Jesus Come to Newtown” by John Piper.

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