Prayer Is Planting


As the adults talk about The Circle Maker in the main services the grade schoolers will be doing a very similar series on prayer and fasting called Prayer Is Planting. Yesterday we kicked our new series off by defining prayer and fasting:

Prayer: talking and listening to God
Fasting: Giving up something you want so you can spend that time with God.

We also discovered that every prayer we pray is much like a seed. When we pray our “seeds” are planted in God heart. Even though we can’t always see what is happening under the surface, God hears every prayer and responds to them. Sometimes He responds with a “No,” a “Yes,” a “Not Yet,” or even an “I have something much better in mind.”  But we can be sure that God is faithful with the seeds we plant and has our best interest in mind.

Just like our prayers are like seeds, we can water those seeds with fasting. We can’t make God answer the way we want any more than we can make a seed grow, but we can wait patiently to see what our seeds will become and we can be sure that He is good and faithful.

We closed our service  by handing out a seed (clear marble) to everyone and challenged ourselves to keep this seed in our pocket this week to remind us to think about what we can pray for and fast this month.

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