Hoogle Boogle 12/12

KIDZ Express SmallAt the end of every series we do a giant game show called The Hoogle Boogle Express Test. If you have never heard your gradeschoolers talking about it, this is an exciting service where we have several Minute-to-Win-It style contests, each one concluding in a review question from the previous weeks in the series.

Tomorrow is Hoogle Boogle and we are going to be reviewing what we have learned in our series, BLING. Here are some questions your kids should know the answers to:

  1. In the story of the 10 lepers, how many came back and thanked Jesus for healing them? (one)
  2. What is an attitude of gratitude? (thankful heart)
  3. In the story of the poor woman, why was her offering greater than everyone else’s? (she gave with a giving heart – she gave her all and trusted God)
  4. What is a good reason to give gifts in secret? (not prideful, humble, not getting credit, building up treasures in heaven)
  5. How has God demonstrated being generous? (By giving us His son, Jesus)
  6. Tell us a story of you giving a gift secretly this month.
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