Responding to the Holy Spirit

wrapping presentDuring  what I would say was one of the best projects we’ve worked on in our Sunday night program the Lord spoke to me a great lesson on how we respond to the Spirit. Sunday night we had the awesome privilege of building Christmas presents for 15 kids whose families recently fled to America because of turmoil going on in their home nations. It was such a great sight to see the young people in Express Cadres getting excited to love on these kids and be able to share with them the generosity that Christ demonstrated to us!

As we were finishing up with getting all the gifts built and wrapped, many of the kids were done with their gifts and were running and playing in a way that I could only describe as hyper. This isn’t the only time this has happened. There have been several instances in our KidsMin where after we have had an experience like this, an intense or intimate worship time, after we’ve prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, after praying and seeing kids healed or have felt God’s presence in a special way, the energy level has sky-rocketed. HyperactiveMany times this energy level has gone from the sweetness of His presence to tears from someone doing/saying something hurtful or being disrespectful to a leader. In the past I have gotten frustrated or discouraged because we would have a powerful time in God’s presence and then the energy level would take us into hyperactive chaos. I was baffled about how easily we could go from one extreme to the other. But this past weekend I noticed this pattern and the Lord showed me that extreme joy and energy is one of the outcomes of kids being in the presence of God. As soon as He revealed this to me I was able to help direct their energy and make the connection between being in the presence of God and the joy and excitement we feel when we are apart of what God is doing.

Just like black powder can cause harm or be used as a tool, what happens when we’re in God’s presence can be viewed in different ways: as strange (maybe even labeled as inappropriate or not worth the original experience) OR can be used to propel us into a greater relationship with Him. In Lewis’ analogy of God in the Narnia series, he says, “Who said anything about being safe? ‘Course [God] isn’t safe, but He is good. He’s the King…” Especially in light of the recent series in the adult services I want to challenge you with what God has been challenging me with: Is it worth the experience even if it doesn’t fit into our definition of safe or orderly. Will you allow Him to be in control even if it seems messy? Is He only allowed to do what you can understand or grasp with your mind?

Whether you’re ready to answer these questions or not, just remember, He is trustworthy and good

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