Anony… What?

a-non-y-mous-ly: [uh-non-uh-muhs-lee] adverb; without any name acknowledged, as that of the author, contributor or the like.

This week we are continuing our series, “BLING” by talking about ways we can give anonymously, or giving to others without them knowing it was from you. In Matthew 6, the Bible talks about storing up our treasures in heaven. One great way we can do this is by giving in a way where we don’t get glorified for our generosity. Whether it’s something you make, bake or buy, a fun way to bless others and live a generous lifestyle is by giving in secret.

Share some secret gifts you’ve received in the past by leaving a comment below.

(Without telling us) To whom and in what ways can you and your kids give anonymous blessings this week?

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