Unwrap what the Bible says about giving cheerfully, giving secretly, and
giving big! Join the fan club of the new rap group that moved in next door—
Bling! Plus: Ever wonder what Jesus wants for His birthday? Come to Kidz Express this Christmas season to find out!

God is a giver. For us to follow Jesus’ example, we must learn to be givers
just like God. This series teaches some key words that we need to know to
give like God. We’ll explore how generosity comes from being thankful for
what we’ve been given. We’ll see how our motives for giving can be tested
by giving anonymously. We’ll learn what it means to really sacrifice. And
we’ll learn how we can give Jesus the birthday present He really wants—
showing God’s love to the world through compassion.

Week 1
Bible Story: Luke 17:11-19
Jesus heals ten men but only one takes time to say thanks.
Verse: Matthew 10:8 NLV You have received much, now give much.


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