Hoogle Boogle

At the end of every series we do a giant game show called The Hoogle Boogle Express Test. If you have never heard your gradeschoolers talking about it, this is an exciting service where we have several Minute-to-Win-It style contests, each one concluding in a review question from the previous weeks in the series.

Tomorrow is our Hoogle Boogle Express Test and we are going to be reviewing what we have learned in our series, B4 URSELF. Here are some questions your kids should know the answers to:

1. Finish this sentence, “Just as God has…” (…treated me with love, I treat others with love.)
2. This month we did a series called _____ _______? (B4 URSELF)
3. In week 1 we looked at Luke 6:27 that says, “love your enemies and do good…” (To those who hate you)
4. We also learned in week 1 that when someone is mean to you… SATD. What does that mean? (Stop, Ask God for help, Think of a way to love, Do)
5. In week 2 we learned that there are 3 major ways we can love others in different nations, the first is PRAY, what are #2 and #3? (GIVE, GO)
6. Last week James Harrington shared with us the work he is doing in what country? (Uganda)
7. Why do the people in Uganda need our help? (Many people there don’t have access to clean water)
8. Pastor Rob challenged everyone to make something with their family for kids all around the world, what is it? (Shoeboxes for OCC)

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