Don’t Wait to Register

Hey Parents-

Don’t forget to preregister your family for the Harvest Party. Even though we are not charging this year we are still asking everyone to register before entering the event. So avoid the lines the night of and get right to the fun and games by visiting the table in the main lobby this Sunday and next, October 21 & 28.

Also, did you know you can register other families just by donating candy for them? This is a great way to invite friends and family that do not attend our church. If you have been looking for an amazing, non-threatening way to invite your friends and their kids, this is it!

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4 Responses to Don’t Wait to Register

  1. Sandy says:

    Quick question my husband mentioned that he had seen that the party was for ages 3 and up. Is this true? In the past I know they have had games for smaller kids.

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