Jesus Is My Healer

Can you remember the first time you spent time in the tangible presence of God? The first time you prayed for someone and they got better? The first time an hour of worship felt like 10 minutes. Over the past few weeks in Kidz Express we have been having these experiences right in our Sunday morning service.

Two Sundays ago in second service the presence of God showed up in a powerful way and we spent an hour worshiping and praising Jesus. At first I just felt like we needed to pray a bit at the end of worship and ask God to heal us of our bad attitudes – the lesson we were going to talk about that morning. But as kids kept coming up for prayer it became apparent that we needed to keep pressing in to the presence of God. I knew this was an unusual morning when after over 30 minutes of the same slow worship song, the couple dozen grade schoolers we had in class were still very engaged in what the Lord was doing. You know it’s a move of the Spirit when a 1st grader’s attention span seems to be stretched out and minutes seem to tick by like seconds.

Then again last week as we were ending worship I asked the Lord if there was any unfinished business we needed to address. After a moment of prayer I didn’t feel any particular direction from the Lord so we continued our morning as usually. But right as I was about to start the lesson – Jesus Heals Our Fear – a young girl ran up to me saying she really needed to speak to me. I asked her if it could wait until the end of class and she insisted. Again after informing her that the whole class would hear our conversation, she went into a story of a very painful fall she had taken the day before and asked if we would pray for her. Thinking about the lesson we were going to cover at the end of the month – Jesus Heals My Physical Body – I had a couple girls come and pray for her while the rest of the class prayed along. Immediately she said her pain levels went from a 6 down to a 0 and she began running around and dancing. Not wanting to stop the Lord if He was moving again, I asked if anyone else had pain in their body or if they were sick. To make a long story short, by the end of the class time about a dozen kids had been prayed for for healing and had pain levels drop a few degrees or go down to a 0 completely, not to mention several kids prayed for someone for the first time and got to experience seeing their prayers answered in a powerful way.

All that to say, our lesson tomorrow is about how Jesus Heals Our Loneliness and I have an excited expectation to see God show up in our midst and move once again!

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2 Responses to Jesus Is My Healer

  1. Tammy Bohrer says:

    This is awesome!!!

  2. Nathan Sanders says:

    Thanks Rob, this is wonderful to hear about.

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