Move Up Sunday

Nothing is more exciting than watching people progress into the next stage of life or maturity. Many times it is accompanied with hard feelings because change is rarely easy, but when we know the next stage is the right place for that individual to be, it can be a very exciting time.

Coming up on Sunday, August 26 our new 1st graders will be invited to join us in the grade school room and be officially inducted into “the big kid class.” Parents, you and your new first grader are welcome to join us in either service for Move Up Sunday. We will be hosting a special Sunday including a tour of the grade school ministry and a torch ceremony  to welcome and celebrate our new friends.

I know moving to a new environment can be intimidating for you and your young one, here are a few FAQs regarding Move Up Sunday, and please know you can contact me anytime at

  1.  When is my new 1st grader going over to the grade-school room? August 26.
  2.  What if my 1st grader is a little nervous? Parents are welcome to join us for the service August 26 and any service after that.
  3.  What if I feel like my 1st grader isn’t ready yet to join the older kids? Your 1st grader is welcome to stay in the 5/K room for a month or 2 after Aug. 26.
  4.  What times should I drop off and pick up my new 1st grader? We ask that all children are dropped off no earlier than 15 minutes before a service and picked up within 15 minutes of the service ending.
  5. I see below that a “Bible check” is a part of the service, what type of Bible is best for my new 1st grader? We spend a lot of time teaching your children to find chapter & verse in their Bible, so this is a great time to graduate from a picture Bible to a Bible with all the books. The New Living Translation or the New Life Version are great options for grade-schoolers.
  6. What does a typical morning look like in the grade-school room?
Worship – 15 min.
Offering/announcements – 5 min.
Lesson Part 1 – 10 min.
Bible Check and Scripture verse  – 8 min.
Lesson Part 2 – 10 min.
Game/Group Activity – 10 min.
Small Groups – 10 min. 
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