Take Note of These “Pages”

To all my veteran and rookie readers I want to highlight a few things about this blog that may come in handy. Just as it says in the tag line at the top, my hope for this blog is that it will be a way for us to connect what’s happening in the Children’s Ministry at EGC with the parents of EGC.

Just below the header image at the top of the page is a black menu bar. I’ve added and will be adding different pages that will help you with what’s going on and will enable you to find important information without having to search through a lot of different blog posts.  (Sorry, you can’t access these features from your email). Here’s some of what you’ll find:

“Upcoming Events” In this page you will find just that, events that are coming up on the calendar that will be important for you to know and maybe even important enough to add to your personal calendar. Right now you will see things like, “Move Up Sunday,” when Kidz Quest (Express Cadres) begins and what is happening with Harvest Party.

“Kidz Express” In this page you will find information about Kidz Express such as our Mission Statement, Core Values, 6 Express Truths and other content.

“Express Cadres” Check out this page and see for yourself!

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