Making Choices

Everything we do in life is accompanied by choices, what should I eat, what should I wear, should I go out or stay in, should I tell the truth or lie, help someone or overlook their need. Some of these choices have good consequences, some have bad, and some are purely based on opinion or taste. But, as we learned from Newton, every action has an equal reaction. Generally it is the consequences, not the choices, that we tend to have a the most difficulty with. This is a truth that we are all very familiar with and we’re also very familiar with the fact that it is easy to say but much more difficult to live out.

This week in Kidz Express we are going to be diving into Express Truth #4, “I Can Make the Right Choice,” learning about the consequences that come with our decisions and what we can do to help us to remember how to make the right decision. We will be looking into the life of King David when his pride lead him to make a poor decision, the consequences that followed and how God was both just and merciful. (2 Samuel 24)

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